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Bird watching

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Chair names come in various form: sometimes none at all, often product codes relating to form and function (Eames), the designer’s initials and/or the model number (Kjaerholm), a play on a metaphor, recalling a woman‘s first name (less frequently a gentleman’s one), or suggesting a tong-in-cheek joke, or for that matter whatever sprung to mind on that particular day. There are as many variations as the fertile imagination of designers or users of designs.

We were musing the other day over the name of pieces of furniture borrowed from the animal kingdom and nature in general. This is a particularly memorable way of baptizing a striking piece. I guess that what makes those names easy remembering is their association to the perfectness of nature and animals names we may have related since childhood, and of course the mnemonics of associating the organic shape (or use) of the furniture with the animal. Arne Jacobsen was a nature lover. Sometimes the name these pieces became known under where not the one given by their creator.

Thus to celebrate imaginative names for iconic chairs, I decided to do a bit of bird watching today. It also happens that some of my fondest designs have bird names. Everyone should be able to easily recall the name of a few below, but a couple might be more difficult. While you are it, try to get the designer as well and find the odd one out (click on any image to access the gallery and the answer).

Written by Alvar and I

January 24, 2010 at 7:43 pm