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Goldfinger… Ernö Goldfinger

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Everyone who has lived in London is somehow familiar with Ernö Goldfinger. He was one of the leading modernist (some would say brutalist) architects based in Britain, and is most remembered for the Trellick Tower in North West London and the Elephant and Castle development. Both were copiously hated by Londoners.

Goldfinger lent – without his conscent – his surname to Auric Goldfinger the über James Bon villain, following a dispute with Ian Flemming over the construction of his modernist house in West Hampstead. It probably did not help that Ernö was not all sweetness.

Ernö Goldfinger had also a thing or two to say about furniture. The Guardian just published a nice piece on Goldfinger’s house on Hampstead Heath and its furniture. Additional pictures and info can be found on The Sneaky Magpie‘s blog. Goldfinger also published a book called British Furniture Today. See this recent article from Interior Design.

The screen in the Living Room at 2 Willow Road

Designed by Goldfinger in 1959
Headquarters of the Hille furniture company (the editor of Robin Day)



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